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How Can Red Light Therapy Accelerate Your Business?

Understanding the Basics of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a newer type of therapy that is thought to work by stimulating mitochondria, tiny organs within each of your cells. Mitochondria are the energy production center of the cells, and are sensitive to the red and near-infrared light provided by red light therapy.

This innovative therapy is relatively recent but is well grounded in scientific research and is growing in popularity. The main uses of red light therapy are currently:

  • Enhancing skin health
  • Reducing inflammation and the pain caused by inflammation
  • Enhancing muscle recovery and performance
  • Facilitating more rapid wound healing
  • Enhancing cognitive health
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Cellular repair and increasing circulation

One of the main appeals of red light therapy is its safety profile. Red light therapy is non-invasive and does not involve any harsh chemicals or damaging UV rays. There are no known health conditions caused by red light therapy, and it is considered a safe option for a wide variety of individuals seeking wellness and relief. Unlike other treatments that may carry risks of irritation or side effects, red light therapy offers a gentle yet effective alternative. 

The Benefits of Offering Red Light for Your Customers

Incorporating red light therapy into your business's services can elevate your brand as a holistic health destination. Customers today are on a continuous quest for wellness modalities that offer relief and rejuvenation without invasive procedures. By offering red light therapy, you will be better positioned to cater to this growing demand, providing a service that not only aids in physical wellness but also promotes relaxation and mental well-being.

The versatility of red light therapy is another significant benefit. It’s a suitable addition for various business models and is commonly offered by spas, fitness centers, wellness clinics, resorts and even dermatology offices. This therapy complements a multitude of health and beauty services, enhancing your establishment's reputation as a full-spectrum wellness hub. With regular use, your customers may experience visible improvements in skin texture, recovery times, and overall vitality, contributing to a loyal client base that values the comprehensive care you provide.

Common Challenges with Traditional Red Light Therapy Devices

Traditional red light therapy panels, while effective, come with a set of challenges that can impact both the customer experience and a business’s operations. Some of the common issues include:

  • Size and space - Many companies offer red light panels that range from sizes of 12" X 12" all the way up to 42" X 12" and in some cases can be connected together to buildout a larger array for full body coverage. This is less than Ideal for commercial environment as it enquires more installation time and more potential failure points with the array that usually requires a bulky stand that can be a trip hazard.
  • Reliability - Panels or devices not specifically designed with commercial use in mind may not last as long especially in a business who is running sessions back to back for several hours a day. 
  • Down time - Another consideration to reliability is down time due to repairs, yes a consumer oriented device may have a lower upfront cost however, the cost of repairs and lost revenue caused by an issue with the device can add up quickly not to mention the inconvenience to customers. 
  • Thoughtful design- There are lots of Red Light Therapy products on the market so it's important you choose something that is designed with commercial use in mind. Lots of these devices are designed for at home use which in a business may not be optimal. 

These challenges can be deterrents for businesses contemplating the addition of a red light therapy device. Not only do they impose limitations, but they can also affect the scalability of services.

PRO RLT addresses these pain points with its commercial oriented design. Our ability to work with each customer to find the right device for their specific needs redefines what it means to incorporate red light therapy into a business. 

A Business-Friendly Design

The design of the MitoRecharge™ Bed is centered around being business-friendly.

  • Modular design ensures that it can be transported and assembled with ease, even in locations with limited space. The two-piece assembly is engineered to fit through standard-sized doors, eliminating the need for complex logistics or structural modifications to your facility. This is a game-changer for businesses that want to minimize downtime and start offering services quickly
  • Wireless remote control, staff can effortlessly manage sessions, allowing for a streamlined and efficient customer service process
  • Motorized top light’s adjustable height is another aspect that adds to the bed's versatility, making it adaptable to clients of varying girths and treatment requirements
The MitoRecharge™ Bed is tailored to meet the needs of dynamic business environments, where ease of use, flexibility, and quick client turnover are paramount.


The Mito Commercial Premiere was brought to life to solve common issues facility's were facing with consumer grade panels.

  • Ease of installation, our commercial Premiere doesn't require any special assembly with its sleek and professional looking floor to wall mount design. Complete head to toe coverage for a wide client base. Coming in at 75" tall and 24" wide the Premiere ensures that the user get total full body coverage for even the largest of users
  • Commercial oriented controls - the premiere includes a wireless remote control for operation by staff
  • Lockout feature great for tiered memberships where you may not want clients doing sessions unsolicited
  • Beep function - Only have one panel? No problem. Lots of clients start with one panel so we commonly ask what is the best course of action for a session? Because we suggest about a 10 minute session per side of the body, you can set our timer to 20 minutes then, half way through the session, the timer will beep letting the user know its time to rotate which keep the user from having to start a second session to get that other side of their body
  • Reliability - with 36 cooling fans, HD LED drivers, and unique design the Premiere is designed to last a lifetime

The Financial Benefits for Your Business

Adding a Red Light Therapy device into your service offerings can have a substantial impact on your financial bottom line. Our competitive pricing is a standout advantage, but it's the long-term financial benefits that will have the greatest effect. The lower price point, coupled with high operational efficiency, paves the way for a faster return on investment ROI. This is particularly appealing for businesses that need to justify each investment with clear, quick returns.



The decision to incorporate Red Light Therapy into your business is more than a choice—it's a commitment to excellence. It reflects an understanding of what today's wellness consumers seek and a vision for delivering it in the most effective way possible.  It’s an opportunity to elevate your brand, delight your customers, and achieve new heights in business success.

To learn more about any of our commercial Red Light Therapy options and how it would be a good investment for your business, we invite you to contact us or to speak with a member of our sales at (833) 477-6758.

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