Decades of commitment
The Top light is comprised of 1,000 high powered LEDs using a standard 60 degree beam angle. The recommended usage distance is 12 to 18 inches. The irradiance is <150mw/cm2 at 6" away
Powerful. Precise.
The bottom light is, obviously, used right up against the skin. Therefore we have purposefully reduced the size of the LED chips, but more than tripled the quantity! Furthermore, we have used a wider beam angle of 120 degrees. This ensures more even coverage and comparable intensity of light from both top and bottom! The irradiance is <70mw/cm2 at the surface of the bed
Always Testing
Every component of a mitoredlight is tested at multiple stages. We use a laboratory grade spectrophotometer to measure light output through a 24 hour burn in procedure, ensuring that every mitoredlight meets our high standards for continual light output.
The motorized stand allows for easy raising and lowering of the top light as well as use in either a vertical or horizontal position!
Both top and bottom lights are on wheels and weight ~200 lbs, allowing for the bed to be relocated to another area without having to hire a moving crew!