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Mito Red Light Cabin

Mito Red Light Cabin

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Only one left in stock! Take advantage of our limited time sale! 

Want to add Red Light Therapy to your home or business, but not sure where to put it?

Want to be able to offer your members access to this amazing modality, with ease of use and maximum privacy without having to hide the devices in a closet somewhere or having to build out a whole separate room?

We've solved those problems for you!

Key Features:
Commercial Grade Red Light Therapy: Each Mito Red Light Room, comes with two Mito Red Commercial Premiere panels!
Minimal Footprint yet feels Spacious: The Mito Red Light Room is 4 feet wide X 5 feet deep X 7.5 feet tall. 
Easy to Assemble - requires two people and a drill. The Premieres are designed to sit on the floor, so no hanging of light panels is required!
Made with Health in Mind: Constructed with no VOC glue to ensure no off-gassing; cedar is extremely durable, and not prone to off-gassing which is why it is very commonly found in high quality saunas.
Electrical: Two 15 amp circuits or one 30 amp circuit.

All purchases come with our marketing support package ($500+ value) including educational brochures, IR glasses, and a large pop-up display banner to help upsell the modality. 

Made to Order: The Mito Red Light Rooms are built to order - current lead time is 6-8 weeks.

2 x Commercial red light panels

1x Cabin

1 x Marketing care package and marketing support

Does not come assembled, takes 2 people about 30 minutes to fully install

Private & Immersive

The Mito Red Light Room creates a fully private and immersive red light therapy experience.

You no longer need to build out a room to offer your members a world class red light therapy experience.

Spacious yet Cozy


The Mito Red Light Room is a truly one-of-a-kind red light therapy experience.

Containing two 6.5 foot tall Mito Red Commercial Premiere Panels, there is nothing else like the Mito Red Light Cabin available anywhere!

Spacious yet Cozy

At 4 feet wide, 5 feet deep and 7.5 feet tall, the Room minimizes the square footage needed, while maximizing a comfortable and spacious feel on the inside.

Users have plenty of room to get undressed, hang their clothes and stretch, meditate or relax during their session.

When you step into the Mito Red Light Cabin, you leave the troubles of the world behind.

Attention Grabbing

One of the most consistent concerns we hear from commercial customers, is that they are not sure WHERE to put their red light therapy devices. Too often, they wind up buried somewhere and the members do not even know the service is available.

The Mito Red Light Cabin, with it's translucent windows at top, is purposefully designed to draw attention to this amazing service offering!